Alicia Hansen

Alicia Hansen: Fractography

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Alicia Hansen

Title: Fractography
Label: CD Baby

Alicia Hansen writes her songs at night. She writes her songs with a wrench and a hammer. Defying all classification, "Fractography' is a soft and jagged construct, and a powerful debut from a voice both emotive and raw, lush and penetrating. Inspired by everything from Scandinavian free jazz to Stravinsky, Ravel to Bjork, industrial/prog/punk/indie rock to elegiac Lieder, Alicia's songwriting eludes convention. Imagine Kate Bush practicing the vulcan mind-meld with Brad Mehldau, PJ Harvey, Philip Glass and Tom Waits in a deserted rail-yard during a rainstorm. The result is an alchemy of insight and irreverance that is spirited, provoking, poignant, and haunting. On these eleven songs, the smoldering luminosity of Alicia's piano and voice is fuelled by a quartet of Vancouver musicians that needs little introduction: Skye Brooks (Inhabitants, Co-Pilots, Aeroplane Trio, Fond of Tigers) on drums; Tommy Babin (Benzine, Gord Grdina trio, Switchblade Serenade) on bass; Peggy Lee (Peggy Lee Band, Tony Wilson Sextet, Standing Wave) on cello; Ron Samworth (Dark Blue World, Talking Pictures, NOW Orchestra) on guitar. Together with the mad-cap brilliance of producer Aaron Joyce (Jess Hill, Ghost to Kill Again, Spear- beak) and engineer Jesse Gander (The Doers, Buffalo Swan, Fond of Tigers), they are a striking force.

1.1 Under Hypnosis
1.2 Alcoholic
1.3 Homesickness
1.4 Freighters
1.5 Apple Core
1.6 In Armies
1.7 Poison Tree
1.8 Clear Enough
1.9 Norway
1.10 If You Asked Me
1.11 Fractograph

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