Alireza: Endlyss

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Alireza

Artist: Alireza
Title: Endlyss

ALIREZA is the former frontman of all-black DC Metalcore band 'Louder Than Quiet' who recently signed to the famous Earache Records to release his debut rap record titled 'Endlyss.' With a wide-ranging and eclectic list of influences including Bring Me The Horizon, XXXTentacion, Thy Art Is Murder and Earl Sweatshirt, Alireza merges metal, trap, rap and rock to deliver a contemporary sound officially coined by Alireza as 'Dark Trap'. With dark undertones, heavy beats, metal guitars and a conscious message, 'Endlyss' is set to be a genre-defining record. Speaking of 'Endlyss' (a portmanteau of Abyss and Endless) Alireza states: "Happiness isn't meant for some people. And happiness is a place where some people don't know they can go. So they smoke and use drugs or women or alcohol or whatever substance they want until they can feel no pain. The outbursts of anger can come when you don't have an outlet or a substance to use. But I can't judge anyone who can function and live in this society. Sometimes it's not good or bad. Not black or white but just grey. Sometimes the abyss is endless..."

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