Kitchen Alison

Kitchen Alison: Mercy Dancing

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Kitchen Alison

Title: Mercy Dancing
Label: CD Baby

I am a spiritually focussed person so my music reflects that, but my desire is to present the 'big questions' in a form that is accessible to anyone who thinks deeply and wonders why we are here. I love the natural world, and that is reflected in my music. Most of my songs start out as poems and are then put to music. I love open tunings and write in them often so my music has been compared to Joni Mitchell's. I love to tell stories that make a point. This CD has many fine musicians on it, many of them my friends, some of them famous (Christian Howes and Arkady Gips play violin) as I enjoy the collaboration piece of making an album. This particular album has my faithful friends on it who followed the beginning of my public music career with devotion and love these songs. It was really fun to make and I still love to listen to it! I guess that is the best thing I can say about it, that I love it and am proud of the product and the beauty of music made by many people dear to me who just happen to be fine musicians. The band that I was playing with regularly at this time are featured on it. My web site,, features several extensive reviews by mainstream people that may give you a better idea of what this CD is about.

1.1 It Only Takes a Minute
1.2 Mercy Dancing
1.3 Are You Willing?
1.4 Icarus
1.5 For Rachel
1.6 Song in the Night
1.7 Courts of the Lord
1.8 Looking for You
1.9 Drive All Night
1.10 These Stars
1.11 Love That Covers Me
1.12 Beloved Planet

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