Alkan / Vincenzo Maltempo

Alkan / Vincenzo Maltempo: Song of the Madwoman on the Seashore

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Title: Song of the Madwoman on the Seashore
Label: Piano Classics

Vincenzo Maltempo continues to establish himself not only as an Alkan champion with his fifth Alkan CD but also as a pianist of extraordinary power, sensitivity and intellect. This recital presents some of the composer's quirky and eccentric works, not necessarily of epic proportions but rather on a small scale, concentrating manically on a single idea, creating a hallucinatory and mesmerizing effect (or simply hilarious...). Maltempo's previous Alkan Piano Classics recordings received rave reviews in the international press, including 5-star reviews in Diapason and Piano News.

1.1 Assez Gravement
1.2 Andantino
1.3 Presto
1.4 Minuetto Alla Tedesca, Op. 46
1.5 Marche Funèbre, Op. 26
1.6 Marche Triomphale, Op. 27
1.7 Poco Lento
1.8 Capriccio Alla Soldatesca, Op. 50
1.9 Le Tambour Bat Aux Champs, Op. 50Bis
1.10 Chanson de la Folle Au Bord de la Mer
1.11 Laus Deo

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