All for Nothing

All for Nothing: My Revelation

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Artist: All for Nothing

Artist: All for Nothing
Title: My Revelation

"Power packed with guitar riffs that make you say 'Hey - where's my guitar!' Unforgiving relentless drums at the epicenter of great hooks - a seasoned live act!' - Max Volume, KOZZ radio All for Nothing was created in 2008 from the remnants of several bands, with the sole purpose of creating tuneful hard rock that appeals to a wide audience. By combining skilled musianship and today's rock music attitude, they are crafting songs with influences as varied as Foo Fighters, Nickelback, and Green Day. The four All for Nothing guys consider performing live and writing songs to be some of life's peak experiences. The band consists of: Steve Ellison - lead and rhythm guitars, keyboards, background vocals Justin Fall - bass Wes Severson - lead vocals, guitars Scott Taylor - drums, background vocals.

1.1 My Revelation
1.2 She's to Blame
1.3 Far Away
1.4 Ask Anybody
1.5 Crazy World
1.6 Highway of Life
1.7 Pain
1.8 It's All a Lie
1.9 Distracted By the Sound

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