All the Glory: I Worship You

All the Glory: I Worship You
Title: I Worship You
Label: CD Baby

All The Glory has been a work in progress for many years. Their father, Julio Velasquez, has had a passion for music since his childhood. It was his love for music, in fact, that the Lord used in order to draw him to attend a Baptist Church in Huancayo, Peru where he would eventually trust Christ as his Savior. It is noted that he can sit and play the guitar for hours on end without a care in the world. Their mother, Andrea Velasquez, grew up on the mission field where they would sing and play the piano for their church services. In the pursuing years, she and her sisters would sing in various settings including a Mexican restaurant while attending Tennessee Temple University. With that kind of musical history, Deanna, Deborah, and David Velasquez (All the Glory) could not help but love music. While traveling on deputation and furlough, the Velasquez family would sing together in many different churches. It is said that the inception of the group originated while The Velasquez were on deputation. Deanna was 3 years old at the time and as always, Julio and Andrea would sing for the congregation before presenting their ministry. On this particular night, as they were in melodious harmony, Deanna got up out of the pew, walked up to the platform of the church where her parents were standing, stood beside them, faced the congregation, and finished the song along with them. Upon that day was All the Glory born. Music isn\'t just what they do to fill time or to make money, but music is part of who they are. They firmly believe that it is God who granted them with the privilege to be able to sing and they desire to use it for the sole purpose of bringing honor and glory to His name. In every facet of their lives, in any ministry that they have served in, they have been able to use their talent for the glory of God. They have worked individually as well as collectively to encourage, teach, and train others in the area of music. Music runs deep into the roots of the Velasquez family. Their passion and love for music has encouraged and blessed many all around the world. This love and passion has resulted in their first release, \'I Worship You\'and now their most recent release, \'Su Gracia En Mi.\'

1.1 When I Look Into Your Holiness
1.2 Under His Wings
1.3 My Grace Is Sufficient
1.4 We Are the Reason
1.5 Last Blood
1.6 New Grace
1.7 Cry of the Lost
1.8 Here Am I, Send Me
1.9 How Deep the Fathers Love for Us
1.10 I've Been to Calvary
1.11 You Are Hiding Place
1.12 All the Glory

All the Glory: I Worship You

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