Allan Phillips

Allan Phillips: Voices of Change

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Artist: Allan Phillips

Artist: Allan Phillips
Title: Voices of Change

Multi-instrumentalist, Venezuelan born, of African descent. He has the ability to incorporate traditional music from all around the world into the classical as well as the contemporary realm. Allan has won recognition for acclaimed album productions, recording sessions and performances with Donna Summer, Al Jarreau and Kenny Loggins (U.S.), Sergio Mendes (Brasil), Zap Mama (Europe/Africa), Habib Koite (Mali), Peru Negro (Peru), Thomas Mapfumo (Zimbabwe) and Regino Gimenez (Cuba).

1.1 Up Above
1.2 Winds
1.3 Juju Fie
1.4 Hope
1.5 Olide
1.6 Consecha Kikuyu
1.7 Moon (PRLD)
1.8 Moon
1.9 Ode Aiye
1.10 Ilu Odun
1.11 Koro No
1.12 Homecoming
1.13 Last Dance
1.14 Ancestors

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