Allan Sherman: Live At The Hollywood Bowl

Allan Sherman: Live At The Hollywood Bowl
Title: Live At The Hollywood Bowl
Label: Liberation Hall

Allan Sherman Live At The Hollywood Bowl - Allan Sherman's voice is complimented by the glorious music performed by the full 106-musician Hollywood Bowl Orchestra. - All the song parodies you'd hope to hear are present, Sherman performs some numbers with the New Christy Minstrels plus a special duet with Rosemary Clooney fills out this sold out performance at the legendary Hollywood Bowl.

1.1 Overture from Allan Sherman Live at the Hollywood Bowl (Feat. Hollywood Bowl Orchestra)
1.2 What Am I Doing Here?
1.3 Harvey and Sheila (Hava Nagila)
1.4 Short Songs (Medley)
1.5 I Just Wrote My First Medical Song, Ever
1.6 I See Bones (The X-Ray Song)
1.7 Hail to Thee Fat Person (How I Got Fat)
1.8 A Crazy Thought from the Back of My Head
1.9 Somewhere Overweight People (Somewhere Over the Rainbow)
1.10 About British Foreign Policy During the Latter Half of the 19th Century
1.11 Won't You Come Home Disraeli
1.12 When I Was a Lad I Went to Yale
1.13 Why I Recorded My Third Album
1.14 Automation (Fascination)
1.15 A Sociological Phenomenon
1.16 Sarah Jackman (Feat. Rosemary Clooney)
1.17 Why I Keep Notes on the Floor
1.18 One Hippopotami (Is Two Hippopotamus)
1.19 About French Internal Policy During the Latter Half of the 18th Century
1.20 You Went the Wrong Way Old King Louie
1.21 Why I Made a Folk Hero for My Folk
1.22 Glory Glory Harry Lewis (Battle Hymn of the Republic)
1.23 A Perfectly Nice Letter from Camp
1.24 Hello Muddah Hello Faddah (Camp Grenada Song)
1.25 Behind My Ridiculous Voice
1.26 No One's Perfect (Feat. New Christy Minstrels)
1.27 Shticks (Medley)
1.28 A Man Was in a Strange City
1.29 Walk on, Walk on, Walk on Through the Bronx (Encore)

Allan Sherman: Live At The Hollywood Bowl

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