Allen Ravenstine: Shore Leave

Allen Ravenstine: Shore Leave
Artist: Allen Ravenstine
Title: Shore Leave

Shore Leave is a new CD-EP by former Pere Ubu synthesist and electronic music trailblazer, Allen Ravenstine, bringing together five of the prodigious composer's most recent abstract compositions collectively comprised of the sounds of analog and digital synthesizers, traditional acoustic instruments and the sampled sounds of birds, dogs and other artifacts of nature. It's a heady, disparate brew of compositions that range from abstract to lyrical, in the process conjuring up a bricolage of ambient soundtracks, jazzy miniatures, space-age exploration, world music, Erik Satie-like studies and the ghost of Harry Partch.

1.1 Shore Leave
1.2 In Search of Memory
1.3 Pink Dusk at the Point
1.4 Ninety Miles to the Spanish Harbor
1.5 Flèche D’Or (Golden Arrow)

Allen Ravenstine: Shore Leave

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