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Almost Eliot: Becoming

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Artist: Almost Eliot

Artist: Almost Eliot
Title: Becoming

There is an almost irreconcilable breach between entertainment and art; between the sublime and what passes as a pastime. There are few bands which can safely stand in the gap and take up residency in the fusion between the philosophical and the just plain fun. Almost Eliot lives in this space as more than a simple pop/rock quartet from Los Angeles. The band stands for something bigger and more basic than sincere melodies, catchy rhythms, and heartfelt hooks. Almost Eliot is an idea - a principle; a sound rising up from that vital part of the human spirit which must believe we are more than we seem. The band takes it's name from a hopeful outlook on the inevitable pain of our shared existence. 'T.S. Eliot is my favorite poet,' says lead singer Matt Riley. 'I associate his works with this intense, profound, sad, but mature beauty. Most of us think our lives are plain or ugly...that we're this mess of drama, guilt, and complications. But we're constantly growing and evolving and I believe that God uses every one of our experiences to change us from something normal into something extraordinary. We're becoming that intense, profound work of beauty. We are Almost Eliot. This band is more than's all about the soft-spoken power of the ordinary to become beautiful in it's time.' But don't let their humble demeanor fool you - Almost Eliot has some serious rock and roll chops. They've been active in the Los Angeles rock scene since late 2007 when the band was born from the ashes of a previous ensemble. Since their formation, Almost Eliot has played a bevy of concerts; from outdoor festivals to bar shows to private events, Almost Eliot has been around the block several times with their particular gift for exciting and inspiring crowds of eager rock enthusiasts, yet they remain open to new opportunities to showcase their talents and incredible work ethic. The band's skill set covers not only songwriting and live performance, but also audio engineering and sound recording; each of their songs is self-produced and the majority of their work is done on professional equipment owned and operated by band members. With over 50 years combined performance, recording, and songwriting experience, these young songsters have quite a storied history both as individual musicians and as a cutting edge indie group. Though he had played piano from an early age and taken to guitar during his years of teenage angst, band founder Matt Riley's passion was always songwriting and performance. After growing up the son of a Baptist minister in Texas, Matt Riley relocated to renowned Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee where he studied vocal performance and music business. Graduation saw his move from the acoustic folk scene of Nashville to the indie rock capital of southern California and the alliance with drummer Kevin Witucki, bassist Richard Maya, and lead guitarist Caleb Cheung to form Almost Eliot. Early on, the band agreed that Almost Eliot, unlike many of their contemporaries, stood for something bigger than wealth and strove for something greater than fame. 'It's always been our goal,' says Matt, 'to inspire those who hear us, whether they're artists themselves or people who simply don't realize how uniquely gifted they really are.' Idealism aside, Almost Eliot has the musical and songwriting skill to quickly transform casual listeners into die-hard fans. With their relevant sound, honest lyrics, and optimism tempered with real-world savvy, Almost Eliot is proud to stand apart in an industry where banality and overproduced pop fluff are the order of the day. Though their anchors are firmly weighed in the waters of pop/rock and alternative music, the band isn't afraid to set sail for uncharted territory. Almost Eliot constantly (and pleasantly) surprises the listener with songs that push the envelope of what's expected of a rock band. From heartfelt folk to laid-back blues rock to progressive jams to poppy rock ballads and back again, the band has something to satisfy every musical taste - even those with a taste for the more familiar. In an effort to fund upcoming projects and draw in more listeners, Almost Eliot also plays a wide range of cover songs, all from the 90s. Though the focus is on more band oriented genres like grunge and alternative rock, a handful of pop, R&B, and even rap songs always manage to find their way into the band's constantly growing repertoire. Armed with an honest, modern sound, a commendable fan base, and an unshakeable core philosophy, Almost Eliot is preparing for the release of their upcoming sophomore album, slated for release later this year. These are promising times for the band which colors life so lyrically, as the rigors and beauty of life mature their profound sound, transforming the ordinary into the transcendent. This quartet of young, determined artists stands on the edge of greatness, beckoning their listeners to follow them into something greater than the every day; challenging them into lives characterized by hope and heroism. We are becoming. We are arriving. We are Almost Eliot.

1.1 Science
1.2 Snow Day
1.3 Leave It to Me
1.4 Suddenly Something
1.5 Home Run

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