Almost Engineers

Almost Engineers: Madness & Melodies

$10.64 $12.98

Artist: Almost Engineers
Title: Madness & Melodies

Madness & Melodies is the third release by Almost Engineers and the first to feature a full backing band. Recorded in an old boy scout cabin in East Aurora New York, this 14 song CD covers the full range from piano and acoustic hymns to electric stomps. Based on the strength of dynamic songwriting and rugged musicianship, Madness & Melodies is as good as you can get in an Indie Rock release. Almost Engineers are: Chris Becker Charles Dusel Matt Swanekamp Additional Musicians: Isaac Chapman Phil Dusel Nate Wolfe Lance Boos Joe Bunce.

1.1 (With Your) Tail Held High
1.2 Fools Gold Dreams
1.3 Reaching Out My Hand
1.4 Don't Tell Me
1.5 Arrows in My Side
1.6 Angels in My Bedroom
1.7 Beyond My Means
1.8 Fall Like An Anchor
1.9 Parallel Lives
1.10 Thoughts of a Ghost
1.11 Fine, Well
1.12 Kyrie
1.13 Dream Machine
1.14 Imperfection

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