Alongside Frank

Alongside Frank: 93 Million Miles

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Artist: Alongside Frank

Artist: Alongside Frank
Title: 93 Million Miles

The debut album from Alongside Frank, 93 Million Miles is the fruit of a two-year gestation, nurtured by former ALF members Nicholas Chamberlain-Hunt, Christine Ann Leach, Gavin Jack and Lol Henderson. The result is a vibrant double album that is danceable but also moody enough to chill to. An exultant river of guitars and vocals, break beats and rude bass that has surprises in every track. It is both urgent and ambient: soaring and roaring from deep-space dub, through twisted electro-pop to beatific love songs. It is a synthesis of a broad range of influences reflecting the richly diverse musical history of the band members. Some of those influences are tangible, while many have melded, conjured into hybrid forms delivering new pleasures. 93 Million Miles is your interior soundscape at midday and midnight, painted in sounds from the future, past and present. This much was never going to fit on a single CD.

1.1 As Simple As That
1.2 Windshaker's Daughter
1.3 Proverbial
1.4 The Score
1.5 Pick Me Up
1.6 Gladiator
1.7 Bolanscape
1.8 Ivory Lady
1.9 For Lovers
2.1 People Everywhere
2.2 Alf Dub
2.3 Korg Blimey
2.4 Yellow Fish
2.5 Spaceman
2.6 Zawow
2.7 Ninehundredandninetysixseconds

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