Also: Music Belongs in the Background

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Artist: Also

Artist: Also
Title: Music Belongs in the Background

Music Belongs in the Background," ALSO's sophomore full-length release, took nearly three-years in the making and was quite a labor of love. With the help of gifted producer Warren Riker (3 Grammy awards, the Fugees, Lauryn Hill, & Santana) the album boasts huge soundscapes. Dark and ethereal at times and wall-of-sound rock and roll at others. The album exhibits fine musicianship and artful technicality. The team-style songwriting of the band is evident and the music ranges a broad array of influences. Conrad's lyrics are not for the feint-hearted. He takes on commanding subject matter and sings powerfully. The rhythm section of Stephenson and Zelen is tight and driving. The album is broad stylistically and emotionally, but maintains a consistent feel throughout that is very much ALSO's own sound. "Music Belongs in the Background" is a fine work of art by a group of three talented and tenacious people. You won't listen just once.

1.1 I Love You
1.2 So Long
1.3 Call It Funny
1.4 By Now You Should Know
1.5 True
1.6 Music Belongs in the Background
1.7 Willshire Boulevard
1.8 Aim High
1.9 Mayfly
1.10 Unloaded
1.11 Frost

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