Alter Ego-Incognito

Alter Ego-Incognito: Repersent My Hood

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Product Type: CD

Title: Repersent My Hood
Label: CD Baby

(-------FOR BEST SOUND------- ---------CLICK ON----------- **************************** *PLAY ALL SONGS (BROADBAND)* **************************** ...... GET ALL THE SONGS RIGHT FROM THIS PAGE ..... ...... $1.OO MP3 DOWNLOAD ..... we stop doing what we was born too do. Too do what we love to do. {Alter Ego-Incognito} ***************** (snoop dogg) type lyrics with (bishop magic don wan) flavor on (too short) type beats. ***************** the group. 1. (stitches) writes all the lyrics. 2. (sky) the arranger he match lyrics too beats. Sky play pro ball, and no! He don't play above the rim. He play in the sky! 3. (danager) he make the beats. Danager, from south central, comptom, and inglewood. His not to be f#ck with. (thus) damager ***************** who rapping lead 1. repersent my hood ----- {damager} and {stitches} 2. fuck it---- {sky} 3. 28's---- {damager} 4. you broke a rule ---- {damager} 5. i need bass ---- {the group} 6. 25 too life ---- {stitches} 7. player-hater ---- {stitches} 8. don't hate the player, hate the game ---- {stitches} 9. bitch ---- {stitches} 10. ^#^sweat, til the bed get wet---- {stitches} 11. ^#^bass too ride too (part 1) instrumentals 12. ^#^bass too ride too (part 2) instrumentals ***************** tail's from inglewood, now ajust the bass and listson too the storys, we put life in your face. ***************** we just stop too make these songs after this release we went back to where we belong ! ***************** WE LIKE TOO DO THE hip hop THING TOO. WHY YOU THINK WERE CALLED {Alter Ego-Incognito} (A. E. I.) email me if you like this. Jevan40@pacbell.Net we are one *****************.

1.1 Repersent My Hood
1.2 You Broke a Rule
1.3 28's
1.4 Fuck It
1.5 I Need Bass
1.6 25 Too Life
1.7 Player Hater
1.8 Don't Hate the Player, Hate the Game
1.9 Bitch
1.10 Sweat Til the Bed Get Wet
1.11 Bass Too Ride By (Part 1)
1.12 Bass Too Ride By (Part 2)

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