Aly & Fila: Armada Collected

Aly & Fila: Armada Collected
Title: Armada Collected
Label: Armada Music NL

2016 two CD set. To those who have put their heart and soul into trance music, the names Aly & Fila might even be more legendary than their fellow-countrymen Tutankhamun and Ra. The legacy they've left behind since bursting onto the scene in 2003 is stronger than the foundations of the Great Pyramid and the gems they have left us since are more precious than any other trance cut. The Egyptian duo even excelled at unknown territory by venturing deep into the world of chill music through various compositions on their acclaimed studio albums and in both universes overflowing with their trademark vibes, they have yet to find their match. Which makes it all that more sensible to set you up with a full-fledged compilation of all of their work, don't you think? With pride, Aly & Fila enter the ranks of the Armada Collected hall of fame, ensuring that their highly acclaimed tracks are to withstand the test of time. From strapping originals such as 'We Control The Sunlight' (feat. Jwaydan), 'Lost Language', 'Rosaires', 'Shine' (feat. Roxanne Emery), and various FSOE anthems to killer remixes from the well-respected artists such as Photographer, Husman, Arctic Moon, James Dymond, Jorn van Deynhoven, W&W, and more, Armada Collected: Aly & Fila is about as expansive as it can possibly get, making sure you've got no less than forty of Aly & Fila's best works available to you. It's Aly & Fila at their finest. Few things in the world will ever top that.

1.1 Perfect Love Meets Roger Shah Feat. Adrina Thorpe
1.2 We Control the Sunlight Feat. Jwaydan
1.3 Eye 2 Eye [Fsoe 350 Anthem] Meets Roger Shah Feat. Sylvia Tosun
1.4 Es Vedra Vs the Thrillseekers
1.5 Nubia with Ferry Tayle
1.6 Running with Skypatrol Feat. Sue McLaren
1.7 Shine Club Mix Aly ; Fila Feat. Roxanne Emery
1.8 End of the Road Hazem Beltagui Remix Aly ; Fila Feat. Roxanne Emery
1.9 For All Time with Jaren with Jaren
1.10 Laily Photographer Remix
1.11 The Other Shore Husman Remix
1.12 It Will Be Ok Arctic Moon Remix
1.13 Mysteries Unfold Uplifting Mix
1.14 Listening Feat. Josie
1.15 Paradise Feat. Tiff Lacey
1.16 Altitude Compensation
1.17 Napoleon with Ferry Tayle
1.18 Running Out of Time Feat. Chris Jones
1.19 Is It Love? James Dymond Remix Aly ; Fila Feat. Roxanne Emery
1.20 Daydreaming Vs Arctic Moon
2.1 Your Heart Is Mine Fady ; Mina Remix Aly ; Fila Feat. Roxanne Emery
2.2 In My Mind Feat. Karim Youssef ; May Hassan
2.3 Coming Home Vs Jwaydan
2.4 My Mind Is with You W;W Remix Aly ; Fila Feat. Denise Rivera
2.5 Lost Language
2.6 Still Jorn Van Deynhoven Remix Aly ; Fila Feat. Sue McLaren
2.7 Quiet Storm Aly ; Fila Club Mix Aly ; Fila Feat. Sue McLaren
2.8 Without You with Susana
2.9 Universelab with Stoneface ; Terminal
2.10 Tula
2.11 Full Throttle Vs Sneijder
2.12 Vapourize Vs John O'Callaghan
2.13 Speed of Sound Feat. Tricia McTeague
2.14 The Journey Fsoe 300 Anthem Aly ; Fila Vs Fady ; Mina
2.15 How Long Vs FKN Feat. Jahala
2.16 Sand Theme Fsoe 250 Anthem Aly ; Fila Vs Bjorn Akesson
2.17 White Wave
2.18 First Sun
2.19 Khepera
2.20 Rosaires

Aly & Fila: Armada Collected

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