Alyabiev / Brahms Trio

Alyabiev / Brahms Trio: History of the Russian 1

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Title: History of the Russian 1
Label: Naxos

The piano trio holds an important place in the history of Russian chamber music and to follow the development of the genre is to accompany the fascinating history of Russian music in the 19th century. It's beginnings can be found with Alexander Alyabiev, a student of John Field, whose unfinished but elegant and vivacious Piano Trio in E flat major is paired with the yearning Romanticism of the Piano Trio in A minor. Mikhail Glinka's Trio pathétique bears the inscription 'I have only known love through the sorrow it causes!', while Anton Rubinstein's elaborately acrobatic piano writing in his Piano Trio in G minor reminds us of his own virtuosity, and reveals his magnificent skills as a melodist.

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