Amadora: Dream Awake

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Artist: Amadora

Artist: Amadora
Title: Dream Awake

Amadora is modern bhakti, archetypal musical devotion to honor and celebrate the Divine Spark of Creative Love. The name means...'She who loves' or 'the adoration of the Divine Mother'. With a visionary lyrical message, Amadora offers spiritually uplifting songs that bridge the genres of world music, electronica and pop, a genre known as "Devotional Beats". This musical collaboration is born from Eden and Ilan's shared desire to create 'prayer-formance' music and to awaken together through their creative love and joy. Eden Amadora, aka. Sarah Eden Davis, is an international recording artist who has followed her love of yoga and path of heart from the mainstream of pop/rock to find her greatest inspiration in the blending of her spiritual singing practice with devotional beats she can move to. She is a facilitator of Shamanic Sound/ Movement integration and has studied and uses sound healing and the mysteries of crystal singing as well as the technologies of the ancient Solfeggio scale in her workshops, private sessions and recorded music. As an ordained priestess of the 13 moon mystery school, she leads circles with chanting, devotional singing and embodiment practices of the sacred feminine. Ilan Studied Sound Healing at CIIS with Silvia Nakkash and devotional singing and tabla with Jai Uttal and Daniel Paul. His passion for sound healing technologies, World music and electronic beats inspired him to create the soundtrack for a 2 hour Prayer-formance for the Elevate Dome based on Shamanic Journeys of the Shipibo Tribe of Peru, Buddhist Chants and Gregorian Chants. Ilan's multi instrumental skills have been heard everywhere from his recorded music to his offerings on the Native American Flute at Sacred Ceremonies, to playing tabla with kirtan artist Gaura vani, to performing on percussion, bass and keys at the Agape spiritual center. Ilan is also a Burning Man Drummer, who enjoys the excitement of being with the troupe drumming inside the Fire Conclave for the big burn. Together they also write, arrange and produce music for others at their Sacred Sound Studio in Northern California. Their live shows are interactive ceremonial "prayer-formance" concerts, where the participants are moved to sing along and dance ecstatically to uplift the vibration of the planet in the amplification and celebration of unconditional love.

1.1 Transmission
1.2 Dream Awake
1.3 I Simply Love You
1.4 Sanctuary of the Open Heart
1.5 Keeper of the Keys
1.6 Dark Mother
1.7 Daughter of Gaia
1.8 Muse
1.9 Amadora

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