Amanda Beagle

Amanda Beagle: Think of Me

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Artist: Amanda Beagle

Artist: Amanda Beagle
Title: Think of Me

As I begin a new chapter in my life, each song in this collection speaks to a different part of my journey. Whether it be saying goodbye, welcoming change, falling in love, or traveling away from home, I am speaking from my heart with every word I sing. This new phase of life has meant following dreams and finding closure after great lose in my personal life. I have discovered strength in places I never expected. Life experience brings with it pain, newfound courage, and un-shattering confidence. As I sing these songs, I carry with me all of my dear friends and family who have influenced me over the years. Each of you is a very important thread in the tapestry of my soul. Even though it hurts to say goodbye, please say you'll think of me from time to time. As you listen, think of those who are dear to you, the times in your life when you chose a different path, and the moments when you have found your strength. Love Amanda.

1.1 A Little Bit of Love
1.2 I'm a Stranger Here Myself
1.3 Over the Rainbow
1.4 The Phantom of the Opera/Think of Me
1.5 It Goes Like It Goes
1.6 My Favorite Things
1.7 Any Place I Hang My Hat Is Home
1.8 And So It Goes
1.9 Down with Love
1.10 Somewhere
1.11 Smile
1.12 O Mio Babbino Caro

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