Amandla Band: Powerlink

Amandla: Powerlink
Title: Powerlink
Label: CD Baby

Amandla is Connecticut's premier original roots reggae band. Heralded as the most authentic roots reggae experience that has come out of Northeastern U.S. within the last decade, this album is sure to set a new standard within the genre. PowerLink is a confluence of roots reggae and soul music that reflects the band's passionate five year journey of live performance coast to coast that is finally offered to you in this musical work. Amandla is comprised of five lead vocalists who each in their own right are accomplished singers, songwriters and musicians; the artists have come together in a wave of inspiration from the islands of St. Croix, Dominica and Northeastern U.S. to form this incredible and unparalleled ensemble. Ras Iba, one of St. Croix's most celebrated performers has traveled the world spreading his message of righteous living, morality, world peace and unity. Iba's voice and delivery is distinct with songs filled with harmony and call-and-response lyrics, which leaves the listening audience engaged, captivated and inspired. Burnie T, hails from the island of Dominica and was enveloped by the distinct musical styles of a Zouk, Soca, Calypso, and Reggae at a very young age. Burnie T's lyrical elegance opens you to a world of enchantment, love is truly it's essence. YahKali was "mystically drawn to reggae music" around the age of sixteen and has since traveled around the world successfully performing both as a front and backing musician, and most recently as the lead producer of this musical work. His profound lyrical edge and intrinsic groove are nothing short of mesmerizing. With a husky tenor that is the epitome of soul, Toussaint the Liberator's musical poise surpasses the ideals of name and form. As the son of a Baptist preacher and a gospel singer, Toussaint remains firmly grounded by his foundational pillars of soul and roots. As an accomplished singer/songwriter and producer with many years on the national scene, Tuff Lion once again has brought his vocal and lyrical prowess to the forefront as he takes the stage as a lead vocalist. Surely, it will be in this vocal incarnation that once again the reggae massive will be introduced to this inspiring veteran whose humble contributions to the music have become themselves legendary. With five awesome lead vocalists, three accentuating female background singers, and more than six distinguishable and unique world-style musicians (excluding the lead artists), PowerLink is a musical collection that stands out from the trendy reggae of the modern world. This work is sure to transport you deep within the roots of hypnotic cadence, and transcend you to the heights of soul exaltation.

1.1 Arise
1.2 Ready
1.3 As I Am
1.4 Dessalines
1.5 My Love Reads Like An Open Book
1.6 Some Have
1.7 See It in You
1.8 Love
1.9 Afrikan Queen
1.10 Debt Is Slavery
1.11 Something to Remember
1.12 You Got It
1.13 Same Old Story
1.14 Herb and Music
1.15 Can't Keep a Good Man Down
1.16 As It Is

Amandla Band: Powerlink

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