Amaranthine Skies

Amaranthine Skies: Days Gone By 1

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Artist: Amaranthine Skies
Title: Days Gone By 1

'Days Gone By, Volume One' is the first album in a series wherein the composer, Jason Vincion, goes back through his old compositions and reworks them in a style more fitting to where he's currently at as an artist. These compositions range in creation dates from 1999 to 2006, and the lyrical content (which is only on four songs) ranges from symbolism to storytelling to honest expressions of emotion (no matter how skewed they might be). The music leans to the heavier side of things, with elements of thrash and doom metal popping up in places, but there is some lighter fare and every track has some atmospheric synths to give each track a fuller sound and more atmosphere. With that being said, some of these tracks are still on the harsh side. All in all, this album is a good indicator of where Jason's music has been, and where it is going.

1.1 A Race Against Time
1.2 Inundation
1.3 Wreckage
1.4 Changeling
1.5 A Calming Influence
1.6 Riding Still Waves
1.7 Days Gone By
1.8 Apocalypse
1.9 Isolation's Chill
1.10 Fateful Journey
1.11 Spur of the Moment
1.12 Thoughts of Her

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