American Youth Harp Ensemble

American Youth Harp Ensemble: Caravan: 10 Harps 10,000 Miles

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Title: Caravan: 10 Harps 10,000 Miles
Label: CD Baby

1.1 Variations on a Theme By Paganini (Arr. By M. L. Williams)
1.2 Music for the Harp: Bransle (Arr. By M. Grandjany)
1.3 Cantata No. 29 in E-Flat Major, BWV 29: Sinfonia (Arr. By O. de Montesquiou)
1.4 Peer Gynt Suite, No. 1 in a Minor, Op. 46: 3. Anitra's Dance (Arr. By I. McVoy, Ed. G. Bauson)
1.5 The Planets, Op. 32: 4. Jupiter (Arr. By I. McVoy, Ed. G. Bauson)
1.6 Jasmine Flower
1.7 Pictures at An Exhibition: 10. Great Gate of Kiev (Arr. By T. Bremner)
1.8 Firebird Suite: 4. Berceuse - 5. Finale (Arr. By G. Bauson) [1919 Edition)]
1.9 Danny Boy (Arr. G. Hambly) [W. Jackson]
1.10 Three Preludes: Prelude No. 1 (Arr. By M. Draughn)
1.11 La Vida Breve: Spanish Dance No. 1 (Arr. P. Masri-Fletcher)
1.12 Caravan (Arr. P. Stickney)
1.13 West Side Story Tribute (Arr. P. Stickney)

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