Amie Ridley: Crystology

Amie Ridley: Crystology
Title: Crystology
Label: CD Baby

Amie began composing music when vivid dreams beckoned her to the piano at a young age. Often finding music a healing therapy, she started performing in public to share her gift. In her early twenties, after several requests, she released her debut album Spread Your Wings. Sold worldwide, Amie became known as an artist who plays from the heart. Others found that they could touch and express their own emotion by immersing themselves into the strands of her enchanting melodies. Crystology is her sixth studio album and an expansion of her lyrical gift. It is a musical interpretation of certain minerals. As a Tera Mai Reiki Master, Tera Mai Seichem Master, and a Certified Crystal Healer, Amie has taken this album to new heights by channeling the properties of crystals into music. It is a meditative and relaxing journey of sound, emotion, and spirituality.

1.1 Halite - the Inner Child Crystal
1.2 Danburite - the Fairy Crystal
1.3 Andara - the Prima Matra Glass Crystal
1.4 Moldavite - the Meteor Crystal
1.5 Larimar - the Dolphin Crystal
1.6 Seraphinite - the Angel Crystal
1.7 Gypsum - the Shaman Crystal
1.8 Amber - the Fossilized Resin Crystal
1.9 Witches Finger Quartz - the Crone Crystal
1.10 Preseli Bluestone - the Stonehenge Crystal
1.11 Blue Goldstone - the Universal Crystal
1.12 Indicolite - the Remembrance Crystal
1.13 Herkimer Quartz - the Diamondcrystal
1.14 Garnet - the Devotion Crystal
1.15 Spirit Quartz - the Choir Crystal
1.16 Orange Calcite - the Citrus Crystal
1.17 Sodalite - the Wizard Crystal
1.18 Sliced Agate - the Suncatchercrystal
1.19 Malachite - the Release Crystal

Amie Ridley: Crystology

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