Amon Duul II

Amon Duul II: Dance of the Lemmings

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Artist: Amon Duul II

Artist: Amon Duul II
Title: Dance of the Lemmings
Product Type: VINYL LP

- A very special deluxe vinyl reissue of the bold and ambitious 1971 2LP album from quintessential Krautrock band, Amon Düül II, called by Q & Mojo magazines as one of the 40 best Cosmic Rock Albums of all time! - Remastered 180 gram clear vinyl packaged in a chipboard gatefold jacket with free poster!

1.1 In the Glassgarden
1.2 Pull Down Your Mask
1.3 Prayer to the Silence
1.4 Telephonecomplex
1.5 Landing in a Ditch
1.6 Dehypnotized Toothpaste
1.7 Short Stop at the Transylvanian Brain Surgery
1.8 Race from Here to Your Ears: Little Tornadoes/Overheated Tiara/The Flyw
1.9 Riding on a Cloud
1.10 Paralized Paradise
1.11 H.G. Wells' Take Off
2.1 Marilyn Monroe-Memorial -Church
2.2 Chewinggum Telegram
2.3 Stumbling Over Melted Moonlight
2.4 Toxicological Whispering

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