Amy Camie

Amy Camie: Love & Gratitude

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Amy Camie

Artist: Amy Camie
Title: Love & Gratitude

Hi, Thanks for visiting. This is my newest CD available on CD Baby...when you're finished here, you might want to check out my other harp CDs: New Love 'awaken to yourself' A Space Within Christmas Love I Will Always Be With You (illustrated book/CD set) When I first began playing Jim Brickman's piano compositions on the harp in 1997, I had never heard any of his recordings; I simply bought his piano books and felt connected to his music. I loved his style, syncopation, and prominent melodies. It felt so natural to play and yet so different from what I had been used to playing on the harp. A new world was opening for me...little did I know that his music would help me find and connect to my own original expression. Thank you, Jim. These selections may be a little different from how Jim plays them, but they are perfect for how they were meant to come from me...full of Love and Gratitude. Enjoy! Loving Life...all of it, Amy PS...I listen to this CD in my car to help me stay relaxed yet focused and I love playing it in my office...just a couple ways you may want to try it.

1.1 Angel Eyes
1.2 If You Believe
1.3 Picture This
1.4 First Steps
1.5 Heartland
1.6 Looking Back
1.7 Sound of Your Voice
1.8 Still
1.9 So Long
1.10 Remembrance
1.11 Blue
1.12 Bittersweet
1.13 Part of My Heart
1.14 Crossroads
1.15 All I Ever Wanted
1.16 Sun, Moon ; Stars
1.17 Coming Home

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