Ana Helder: Fiebre de Marte

Ana Helder: Fiebre de Marte
Title: Fiebre de Marte
Label: Comeme
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

C+¦meme presents Argentine producer and DJ Ana Helder's Fiebre de Marte EP. "Don't Hide Be Wild" is a modern psychedelic discoteca monster, while "Track Con Flute" and "Otra Cosa" are almost impossible to place in time. "Fiebre de Marte" surrounds a wobbly bassline with a vocal mantra and a hypnotically modulated synth, slowly but steadily building the ecstatic mood. On "Chabond," rock embraces disco without fear, as heavy drums and guitar stomp, pump, and pound through the city jungle. "Cada Deja Te Quiero Mas" breathes the rhythms of Argentine stadium crowds into wah pedal guitars and a morphing synth bassline.

1.1 Don't Hide Be Wild 4:40
1.2 Track Con Flute 4:13
1.3 Otra Cosa 5:05
2.1 Fiebre De Marte 5:37
2.2 Chabond 6:10
2.3 Cada Dia Te Quiero Mas

Ana Helder: Fiebre de Marte

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