Anak Bayan: Anak Bayan

Anak Bayan: Anak Bayan
Title: Anak Bayan
Label: CD Baby

ANAK BAYAN a jazz-rock band was formed by the talented musicians Alex, Edmon, Vic, Marlon, Bing and Mario. With the surge of international rock groups such as Led Zep, Deep Purple, Moody Blues, Emerson Lake & Palmer,Jefferson Airplane,The Who etc., "Pinoy Rock" was born amongst the young generation. And ANAK BAYAN was ready with the goods when it happened. "Jeepney Rock" took off simultaneously with "Ang Probinsiyana." The success of these two tunes led to a commission to rearrange and record three songs from the sarsuela, "Ang Kiri", "Tayo'y Magpapawis" and "Tayo'y Magsayaw". The spirit of the 70's sessions have been captured and carefully preserved in this album. Judging from the current crop of local rock music, the vintage Anak Bayan are right here and now, in-tune with whatever's going on.

1.1 Ang Probinsiyana
1.2 Tayo'y Magpapawis
1.3 Habang Buhay
1.4 Tayo'y Magsayaw
1.5 Bangungot
1.6 Double Crosser
1.7 Laging May Kinabukasan
1.8 Jeepney Rock

Anak Bayan: Anak Bayan

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