Analog Brothers

Analog Brothers: Pimp To Eat

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Analog Brothers

Artist: Analog Brothers
Title: Pimp To Eat
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited double colored vinyl LP pressing. If the Analog Brothers didn't exist, the weirdest scientist couldn't have invented them. Or perhaps they never existed. Maybe it's possible this was all a demonic 31st century hallucination cooked up by Kool Keith and cyborg alien pimps peddling flesh and white fluff acid. But how else to explain the ultra-rare, ultra-magnetic artifact left behind: Pimp to Eat. Originally dropping from the skies in 2000, it's being re-released by Mello Music Group, and remains the timeless mind-fuck that it was when it first emerged. It's a laser beamed synthesized hieroglyphic that could sound timeless in any century or sonic dimension.

1.1 Intro
1.2 Analog Technics (Feat. Odd Oberheim)
1.3 More Freaks
1.4 2005 (Feat. Odd Oberheim)
1.5 So Bad
1.6 Analog Annihilator Vs. Silver Surfer
1.7 Perms, Baldheads, Afros ; Dreds
1.8 Who Wanna B Down? (Feat. Rhyme Syndicate)
1.9 Country Girl
1.10 War (Feat. DJ Cisco ; H Bomb)
1.11 Double Back
1.12 We Sleep Days (Feat. Jacky Jasper)
1.13 Bionic Oldsmobile
1.14 Shut Down Show (Feat. Synth-A-Size Sisters)
1.15 Once I Get It (Feat. Teflon)
1.16 Analog Outro

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