Anarobik: Operator's Manual Addendum: The Remixes

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Anarobik

Title: Operator's Manual Addendum: The Remixes
Label: CD Baby

Appendix A. Architects and Engineers Specification + Anarobik shall be the musical creative vehicle for ana. Ana shall consist of ana and/or her collaborators, who shall also assume the name and spirit of ana. + Anarobik shall create musical compositions consisting of catchy melodies and body-friendly rhythms. These compositions shall exhibit some characteristics of the musical style known as electronic popular music. + Anarobik shall express the editorial insights of ana, which completely represent the views and opinions of ana. + The arrangements of ana's compositions shall feature generous amounts of electronically generated sounds, as well as the occasional sound requiring the use of a microphone, otherwise known as an acoustic sound. + Womanual performances by ana as well as computer performances programmed by ana shall be used to create a rich and warm melding of woman and machine. + Anarobik shall use high-quality analog and digital electronic devices to capture the performances of ana with optimal sonic clarity. + Anarobik shall use balanced production techniques with minimal audio compression to maximize listener enjoyment. + The end-user shall assume the name and spirit of ana while enjoying this recording of Anarobik. + This musical creative vehicle for ana shall be named Anarobik.

1.1 Communicate Aquazoo Project Remix
1.2 Is It Real? the Hottest Year on Record Is It 2 Real? Remix
1.3 My Time Aquazoo Project Remix
1.4 My Company Venus Demars Flocked Up Feeling Sexy Remix
1.5 Your Heroine Aquazoo Project Remix
1.6 Outside Saudade Remix
1.7 Communicate David Sebrind Electra Remix
1.8 Is It Real? Anarobik 7" Single Mix
1.9 Darling, You Can't Love Two
1.10 My Time Anarobik 7" Single Mix
1.11 Communicate Anarobik 78 Remix
1.12 Communicate Aquazoo Project Remix Radio Edit
1.13 My Time Aquazoo Project Remix Radio Edit
1.14 Your Heroine Aquazoo Project Remix Radio Edit
1.15 Is It Real? a Cappella
1.16 Free a Cappella
1.17 My Time a Cappella
1.18 Communicate a Cappella

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