Anatomi 71

Anatomi 71: Distansen Tilltar

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Anatomi 71

Title: Distansen Tilltar
Label: Halvfabrikat Records

2015 album from Anatomi-71. The long-delayed album contains 10 tracks, nine of which are originals. The bulk of the material was recorded live with the help of Linus Andersson, in Element studio. The album mixes hardcore punk with the old Anatomi-71 sound. No shorts, high jumps or neck tattoos, just a raw and groovy drive.

1.1 Distansen Tilltar
1.2 Ner I Möglet
1.3 Krossa Kidsen
1.4 Ruset
1.5 HÅRT Klimat Svensson
1.6 Våldets Arkitekter
1.7 Fortsättning Följer
1.8 Vem ÄR Parasiten?
1.9 Strödda Applåder
1.10 Genial Idiot

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