Ancient: Back To The Land Of The Dead

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Ancient

Artist: Ancient
Title: Back To The Land Of The Dead

Formed in Bergen, Norway in 1992, Ancient rapidly made their mark on the extreme Metal World with the 1993 release of their now cult demo tape Eerily Howling Winds, followed by the 7" Det Glemte Riket in 1994. Ancient quickly established an underground following with their own dark and atmospheric style of metal, displayed on their Listenable / Osmose debut Svartalvheim, today considered a classic album in extreme metal.

1.1 Land of the Dead
1.2 Beyond the Blood Moon
1.3 The Sempiternal Haze
1.4 The Empyrean Sword
1.5 The Ancient Disarray
1.6 Occlude the Gates
1.7 Defiance and Rage
1.8 The Prodigal Years
1.9 The Awakening
1.10 Death Will Die
1.11 The Spiral
1.12 Petrified By Their End
1.13 13 Candles

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