Ancient Dome

Ancient Dome: Void Unending

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Artist: Ancient Dome

Artist: Ancient Dome
Title: Void Unending

Ancient Dome was born in 2000. At the beginning, the proposal was concentrated on heavy metal, until it finally came to the construction of a new sound based on the Bay Area Thrash. Now, the intent is to recreate the atmospheres of bands like Metallica, Megadeth, Heathen, Testament, Artillery, Forbidden, Exodus, Overkill, mixing the thrash sound with melody and personality... and they did it!

1.1 Target: Unknown (Instrumental)
1.2 Black Passage
1.3 The Void Undending
1.4 IV - Logic of Nonesense
1.5 Panic Generator
1.6 The Rules of Hate
1.7 Fifth Dimension (Instrumental)
1.8 D.I.E. (Droids in Exile)
1.9 Chain Reaction

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