Ancst: Furnace

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Ancst

Title: Furnace
Label: Vendetta Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

LP version. After Moloch, their first album that hit the scene in 2016, Ancst have toured relentlessly. Besides putting out a few more of their dark ambient releases, the Berlin-based blackened, crust collective gathered at the end of 2016 to write new material for a row of releases to be put out in 2017, starting with Furnace. The album sees the band heading out into much more melodic territories while still featuring the aggression of former releases. Furnace delivers six new songs of bastard sound black metal/hardcore crossover that takes no prisoners.

1.1 Away from Atrophy
1.2 Urban Tomb
1.3 Chronicles of Emptiness
1.4 Broken Oath
1.5 In Stone
1.6 Cadence

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