Andre Williams

Andre Williams: Red Dirt

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Andre Williams

Title: Red Dirt
Label: Bloodshot Records

14 country-SOUL smokers slathered in grit and grease and R&B/Soul legend Andre William's high-mileage, velvety grown, with a sexy booty bottom provided by Toronto's masters of spaghetti western-surf-garage-punk The Sadies

1.1 Hey Truckers
1.2 Busted
1.3 She's a Bag of Potato Chips
1.4 I Can Tell
1.5 Pardon Me (I've Got Someone to Kill)
1.6 Weapon of Mass Destruction
1.7 Easy on the Eyes
1.8 I'm An Old, Old Man (Tryin' to Live While I Can)
1.9 Tramp Trail
1.10 Psycho
1.11 I Understand (Do You)
1.12 Old John
1.13 Queen of the World
1.14 My Sister Stole My Woman

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