Andrea Maybaum

Andrea Maybaum: Tribeca

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Andrea Maybaum

Title: Tribeca
Label: CD Baby

Andrea blends several different styles on her debut. It's a perfect compliment to her more recent work. The excerpt from the review below pretty much sums up this terrific package... 'Andrea Maybaum is one incredible talent. Her songs just take you into another realm...the imagery is creative...convincing, original, so honest, you're speechless...TRIBECA is clever, fragile, covers all the bases of emotion in an unresolved, radical way that makes you yearn for the next project to find that resolve.' INDEPENDENT SONGWRITER WEB-MAGAZINE - May, 1999.

1.1 Going Home
1.2 Take Back Your Life
1.3 Haunted
1.4 I Am Not Your Friend
1.5 Goodbye Whoever You Are
1.6 Sara
1.7 Save Me
1.8 Sky Under Your Feet
1.9 The Morning After

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