Andres Maria Garcia: Cathedral

Andres Garcia: Cathedral
Title: Cathedral
Label: CD Baby

One door, a narrow way, shimmers of light the cathedral, the place of worship up, the place of perception where love talks warfare...inevitable reflections into a greater image fusion divine and human celebration consumado es Given that I am a classical pianist, I've been playing music composed by other people all my life. That music as marvelous as it is, can't describe what I am, what I feel and what I think. In 2003 I felt the urge to write music that would portray my own style and that would transmit an atmosphere of peace, calmness, goodness, gladness and hope. We live in a stressful world that puts innumerable pressures and challenges. What I intend with my music is to provide an antidote to those negative feelings and to be able to create a total different climate when the music is heard.

1.1 The Door
1.2 The Way Up
1.3 In the Place
1.4 Love Talks
1.5 War
1.6 Reflections
1.7 Fusion
1.8 Celebration
1.9 Consumado Es

Andres Maria Garcia: Cathedral

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