Andromeda: Andromeda

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Andromeda

Title: Andromeda
Label: Repertoire

Andromeda, a powerful, promising trio from the late Sixties, was fronted by an excellent lead guitarist, the late John Du Cann. They blended psychedelia with heavy rock and drew enthusiastic support from famed radio DJ John Peel. Their self-titled album, first issued in 1969, is packed exciting tracks like 'Too Old', 'The Day Of Change' and extended arrangements of 'Turns To Dust' and 'Return To Sanity.' Sadly, Andromeda broke up shortly after the album's release and the full story of the band and it's fate is told by Chris Welch in the extensive CD liner notes. Don't miss this rare and unique album by a band once predicted to become giants of progressive rock.

1.1 Too Old 02. Day of the Change
1.2 And Now the Sun Shines
1.3 Turns to Dust (3 Parts) Discovery - Sanctury - Determination
1.4 Return to Sanity (3 Parts) Breakdown - Hope - Conclusion
1.5 The Reason
1.6 I Can Stop the Sun
1.7 When to Stop (3 Parts) - the Traveller - Turning Point - Journey's End
1.8 Go Your Way
1.9 Keep Out 'Cos I'm Dying
1.10 Garden of Happiness
1.11 Exodus
1.12 Journey's End
1.13 Let's All Watch the Sky Fall Down
1.14 Darkness of Her Room
1.15 See Into the Stars
2.1 The Day of the Change
2.2 The Reason
2.3 Return to Sanity
2.4 Keep Out 'Cos I'm Dying
2.5 Search on
2.6 Ode to the Sea
2.7 Lonely Streets
2.8 Sleep Like a Child
2.9 I Was Left Behind
2.10 I Just Wanna Live My Life
2.11 The Lodger
2.12 Dreamland
2.13 Round House Blues (Live)
2.14 Walking on (Live)
2.15 I'm Searching (Live)
2.16 Acidus (Live)
2.17 All in You
2.18 Step This Way

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