Andromeda: Playing Off The Board

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Artist: Andromeda

Artist: Andromeda
Title: Playing Off The Board

2009 live digipak release from the Swedish Progressive Metal band. Andromeda offers much to fans of powerful and sublime sound compositions that are both structurally intricate and overflowing with a vast spectrum of emotions. Playing Off the Board includes a live performance recorded in Wyspianski Theater, Poland in Autumn 2006 when the band was promoting their then most recent album Chimera. 11 tracks.

1.1 Periscope
1.2 Mirages
1.3 In the Deepest of Waters
1.4 Two Is One
1.5 The Hidden Riddle
1.6 Inner Circle
1.7 Eclipse
1.8 In the End
1.9 Encyclopedia
1.10 Reaching Deep Within
1.11 The Words Unspoken
1.12 The Words Unspoken

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