Andy Brown

Andy Brown: Amdy Brown & Andrew Lautenbach

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Andy Brown

Title: Amdy Brown & Andrew Lautenbach
Label: CD Baby

The pairing of guitarist Andy Brown and saxophonist Andrew Lautenbach is one of those rare combinations where all the parts seem to fit. Both artists share a love of melodic, swinging jazz improvisation, as well as meticulously crafted tones on their instruments. A feeling for the warmth created by the music and tunes of their favorite musicians has inspired them to pursue their own vision of jazz in today's time. This view encompasses a variety of influences and musical approaches, with the results being a contemporary take on a classic jazz sound, performed with refreshing clarity, romance, and heart. Joined by Chicago rhythm section mainstays Jake Vinsel on bass and Brian Ritter on drums, this album showcase their unique musical chemistry. "Andy Brown is fast becoming one of Chicago's hottest guitarists...his playing is intelligent, sensitive and thoughtful; wonderfully clean and uncluttered...he swings so hard and sweet!" -Chicago Jazz Magazine "Andrew Lautenbach is a true original, improvising on a very sophisticated level with a great tone...I'm amazed at his ability to create fresh, exciting ideas every set." -Phil Woods.

1.1 Hershey Bar
1.2 Bossa Antigua
1.3 Blues in the Closet
1.4 You Don't Know What Love Is
1.5 East of the Sun
1.6 Long Ago and Far Away
1.7 My One and Only Love

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