Andy Germak

Andy Germak: Live at the Postcrypt

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Andy Germak

Title: Live at the Postcrypt
Label: CD Baby

Two hours before Live at the Postcrypt was recorded, Andy Germak's van broke down in Brooklyn, several miles away from Columbia University's Postcrypt Coffeehouse. No stranger to such touring mishaps, he pushed his vehicle to the roadside and hopped a few subways before arriving at the show with 20 minutes to spare. Live at the Postcrypt, Germak's 5th independent release in eight years, captures his songs at their purest, featuring only vocals, acoustic guitar, and harmonica before a live audience at one of New York's oldest folk venues. The CD includes 'Anybody Ever Really Know Anyone?,' the title track from Germak's 2004 EP, which received significant radio airplay throughout the USA, Canada, and Europe. Live at the Postcrypt also features 'Spoonfed,' a song originally released on 2002's Vigil, a September 11th tribute CD compiled by Suzanne Vega. Germak is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio. He has moved around most of his life, living in several different states and in Europe. Now based in New York City, he carves out his career without the help of a traditional record label by self-producing his CD's, booking his own tours, traveling wherever he can, and selling CD's straight out of the boxes.

1.1 Right Here
1.2 Kaleidoscope
1.3 I Wish You Loved Me Then
1.4 Anybody Ever Really Know Anyone?
1.5 Black-Eyed Morning
1.6 Someone
1.7 Spoonfed
1.8 One of a Kind
1.9 The Cost
1.10 Over Again
1.11 Slight Reconstruction

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