Andy Grant Trio

Andy Grant Trio: Champagne on Beer Budget

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Artist: Andy Grant Trio

Artist: Andy Grant Trio
Title: Champagne on Beer Budget

Andy Grant mixes up soulful vocals with mean guitar skills and great tunes. Aided by double bassist Simon Rushbrook, and drummer Lee Miller, the Trio take their influences from blues, jazz and folk, and tear them up on improvisational renditions of Andy's eclectic and original songs Drawing from influences as diverse as Led Zeppelin, J.J. Cale, Dave Matthews and John Martyn, the band are at home entertaining festivals, bars and anywhere people gather together to hear great live music. Their clean acoustic sound provides a solid foundation for musical genre hopping. A heavy metal riff can morph into a bluegrass tune, and then into a jazz funk groove without ever jarring or feeling out of context. The three musicians play with energy, passion and precision, always complementing each other and constantly striving to make each moment on stage special. By clocking upwards of 150 shows a year, Andy Grant Trio are becoming masters of their art: Good time music with great feel and no boundaries. 'Laidback, earthy and grounded, Grant's soulful acoustic rock arrives fully formed, mature and ready for anyone........Great Stuff' Musician 'If you like strong singer/songwriters this is for you' Blues Matters 'You are going to want to see him play live!' Sally Taylor, BBC radio Solent Andy Grant Trio are set to release their new recording 'Champagne On Beer Budget' on Feb 11th 2011. The album features Andy's hook laden song writing, stunning guitar work and distinctive vocals, superbly supported by Simon Rushbrook on double bass and Lee Miller on drums. Sensitive engineering by Tom Hughes brings the rich, acoustic warmth of the instruments to life, and adds the very welcome addition of Hammond Organ and Mellotron to several tracks. The band are playing tour dates across the south of England in 2011. Both the tour and the album are eagerly anticipated following the esteemed praise directed at Andy's solo album 'Hole in the Sky' - 'Champagne on Beer Budget' is certain not to disappoint.

1.1 Miss Particular
1.2 Let You Go
1.3 Immune
1.4 Going Away
1.5 Weatherman
1.6 Evil on My Mind
1.7 Bogeyman
1.8 Lost My Cool
1.9 It Isn't Really Me
1.10 Refrain
1.11 Highland Falls

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