Andy Logan

Andy Logan: Psychedelic Delta Moonshine

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Artist: Andy Logan

Artist: Andy Logan
Title: Psychedelic Delta Moonshine

Psychedelic Delta Moonshine. That's what Andy Logan's third album sounds like. Trippy, with tons of Country and Blues mixed in. Andy's not a fan of 'beer commercial' blues, slick digital 'Music Row' recordings, or whining in general. Logan's moods are palpable, his images strictly HD, and his songs first-rate. The music is eclectic, yet cohesive. No easy feat. From the anthemic and Beatlesque 'Rock Solid, to the jangly pop refrains of 'Day Without Jennifer', the almost vaudevillian 'Umbrella Man', the Delta blues drenched, 'Long Slow Train', and the overtly psychedelic folk of 'Don't Forget To Write', to name a few, there is a thread. These songs all work together as an album, meant to be listened to from start to finish. Andy still uses tape, and puts NOS tubes in his microphones- mid sixties stuff, of course. One is an RCA, which came in a really cool old with lightning bolts, so you know it sounds great. Give this one a listen.

1.1 Rock Solid
1.2 Seventeen Wheels
1.3 Quietly Fragile
1.4 Day Without Jennifer
1.5 I Like It
1.6 Umbrella Man
1.7 Get Out of Your Own Way
1.8 Dreams Unbroken
1.9 Berenice
1.10 Empty Room
1.11 Pacific Time
1.12 Long Slow Train
1.13 Don't Forget to Write

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