Andy Moor

Andy Moor: Le Journaliste

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Artist: Andy Moor

Artist: Andy Moor
Title: Le Journaliste

Le journaliste consists of 8 pieces and is a part of a series of 100 portraits iniated by anne james chaton ...most of these portraits have become large posters. Le Journaliste is a journey into the texts and columns of a newspapaper and radio broadcasts of a single journalist selected by anne james . The world news, the politics, headlines, the stock exchange figures and the weather are all explored and treated with textual material and soundscapes. These are the everyday life elements of a journalist and they are transformed by chaton using amongst other things multilayered voice recordings, gated, distorted and several other experimental microphone techniques, a megaphone and fragmented radio broadcasts and by moor using multilayered soundscapes based around his own guitar sounds and playing style. In the end the distinctions between the text and the guitar and the sounds begin to blur and in doing so create a very powerful and atmospheric sound world.

1.1 Le Journaliste
1.2 Dans Le Monde
1.3 Portrait
1.4 Vous êtes Riche
1.5 Frequencies
1.6 Scoop
1.7 Newspaper
1.8 Weather

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