Anemona Brainwave

Anemona Brainwave: Grounding & Healing Music

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Artist: Anemona Brainwave
Title: Grounding & Healing Music

The CD Anemona - Grounding and healing music symbolizes a circle of returning to inner self and reconnecting with what was so near, yet we had to travel a great journey to discover it. We couldn't hear our own heart beats, yet they couldn't be closer to us. This CD is my present to all of you who are ready for closing one part of spiritual journey. The journey itself does not finish, the journey now goes in a whole new direction. Although, as an author I have difficulties when it comes to talking about my own music, this time I feel the need to express myself and to share with you how my newest CD affects me. Composition that goes by the name "Shaman" reminds me of walking on a path of holiness and kindness. It has something very encouraging hidden in it. As a result, I feel broadly life support, connected in one with life and people around me. Even though it often doesn't seem to be like that, we are not desolate travelers. Ego can dissolve in experiencing the Truth. That is the message of Shaman whose spirit watches over us. Composition whose name is "Gaia" reminds me of a journey to the center of Mother Earth, that is, to the center of my own being which resides in the heart. The effect is so calming that thoughts and emotions are at peace and harmonized. I feel awake in the point of here and now, centered within myself. This is tremendous help when working with techniques whose goal is experiencing awareness and presence (Eckhart Tolle, Michael Brown). I feel Gaia (Earth, Mother) as if it's alive and through that feeling I become vivid, complete and real. Other positive effects after listening this CD: - Anti-stress effect (reduction and/or termination of headache) - Grounding (balancing energy in the body, shifting energy across meridians, energetic charge to lower part of aura) - Enhanced flow of prana in the body - Letting go of fears (through dreams) - Quicker materialization/manifestation of desired goals (fast, sometimes immediately, manifesting ideas through specifically form) - High level of relaxation - Synchronization of both cerebral hemispheres with many additional effects (e.g. creative thinking, seeing thing more clearly, better mood, etc.) - Better understanding for neighborhood and enhanced feeling of empathy - Accepting reality, accepting myself and accepting people in my environment - Reduction of excessive mental activity - Stronger and healthier connection with my own body and the substance of things - Faster transition into the realm of dreams As it was necessary for previous titles to have headphones for experiencing a complete effect of vibrations, it is necessary for this CD as well. Recommended time of usage is 40 minutes a day. (According to your intuition the time usage can be decreased or increased, without any side affects). INSTRUCTIONS FOR USING Anemona Brainwave CDs: Stereo headphones are required during use to achieve full effects. In the beginning it is necessary to slowly increase the listening time period. Maximum recommended daily use is 60 minutes. Loudness can be adjusted freely according to individual sensation. WARNING! Even though brainwave sound technology has brought countless wellbeing to people around the world, the common sense still tells us to consult a physician before using the CDs. The acoustic effect can be especially too strong for persons suffering from epilepsy, mental patients, cardiac patients, pregnant woman, and people consuming drugs or heavy medications. Using these CDs is also not recommended while driving as well as in situations that require intense concentration. Because of these mentioned reasons, use the Anemona CDs only at your own responsibility. If unpleasant sensations (e.g. nausea, headaches) appear while listening the CDs over a longer time period, these are probably negative effects, overusing, or hypersensitivity to this kind of music. In these cases discontinue using the CDs.

1.1 Shaman - Anemona Brainwave
1.2 Gaia - Anemona Brainwave

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