Angela Dittmar

Angela Dittmar: Singing Through the Sorrow

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Angela Dittmar

Title: Singing Through the Sorrow
Label: CD Baby

The reality of sorrow and the hope for the believer. Angela Dittmar takes the mourner through the grief process, never denying the pain, never sugarcoating the sorrow, relishing the memories, holding on to the hope. If you are mourning someone, or know of someone who is, this CD provides insight, comfort, and scripture in a variety of genres, from traditional hymns to bluegrass and soft rock. Includes lyrics and accompaniment tracks so it may be used for memorial & funeral services. A MUST HAVE for the Church Library, Social Workers, Hospital workers, Hospice, Caregivers, Activity workers, Nurses, Retirement Facilities, Nursing Homes, Funeral Directors, or anyone who deals with Death and Dying on a regular basis and has the opportunity to help others through their grief.

1.1 Footprints
1.2 It's Okay to Cry
1.3 Laugh Out Loud
1.4 Resurrection Morning/Ballad "I Will See Him Again"
1.5 Sing Me a Song
1.6 Sing Through the Sorrow
1.7 He's in Your Arms
1.8 Walking the Streets of Heaven
1.9 Resurrection Morning/Bluegrass "I Will See Him Again"
1.10 Resurrection Morning [Ballad]
1.11 She's in Your Arms
1.12 Resurrection Morning [Bluegrass]
1.13 Music Accompaniment Tracks
1.14 Music Accompaniment Tracks
1.15 Music Accompaniment Tracks
1.16 Music Accompaniment Tracks
1.17 Music Accompaniment Tracks
1.18 Music Accompaniment Tracks
1.19 Music Accompaniment Tracks
1.20 Music Accompaniment Tracks
1.21 Music Accompaniment Tracks

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