Angela Masciale: Ancient Voices

Angela Masciale: Ancient Voices
Title: Ancient Voices
Label: CD Baby

Angela Masciale has a hauntingly beautiful voice, 'folk-classical' in sound, with a three-octave range. Her soul full original songs are composed of exquisite melodies, woven with mellifluous, poetic, stirring lyrics. Angela plays acoustic guitar, delivering harmonious, often complex finger-picking guitar accompaniment. She is willing and capable of embracing challenging subjects in her music. Angela's songs are landscapes, reflections of nature, a portrait of ideas, stories, and healing messages. Her creativity is fed by her work in the healing arts. Angela Masciale has been singing all her life. As a child/adolescent, she was on TV, in musicals, and festivals. As a teenager, she sang in a folk-rock band that played in a variety of venues on Long-Island, N.Y. She has written poetry since age eleven, and started writing songs at sixteen. As an adolescent, she had six months of formal voice training with Linda Zanti, a known opera star in Manhattan. At age 11-16, she had six years of private piano lessons. She picked up basic guitar on her own, playing on and off during her teenage years, and into her twenties. In addition to her music, Angela is as a psychiatric nurse clinical specialist, completing a master's degree in psychiatric nursing at Boston College. She uses the arts, including music, drawing, and writing, to enhance the mental health of her clients. Angela has worked extensively with children, adolescents, and adults for many years. Over the past nine years, Angela has seriously reentered the music world as a performer. The reentry was catalyzed by her stepson, Adam Zampino, living with her and collaborating with her musically. In January of 2000, she released her first CD, 'Time Will Tell'. She wrote the music and lyrics to her songs, plays acoustic guitar, and sings throughout the CD. Adam Zampino produced the CD and accompanies her on most of the songs on piano, keyboard, or guitar. Since September of l999, she has been taking private guitar lessons from Master Guitarist, singer-songwriter, Raymond Gonzalez. Angela continues the balancing act of working part-time as a psychiatric nurse clinical specialist, and performing as a singer-songwriter/guitarist. She has been playing in Boston/New York City area festivals, art centers, coffeehouses, and acoustic friendly bar scenes. Over the past year she has been learning to play native American flute and refreshing her memory of the piano. Angela is the founder and host of King Hooper Cafe' in Marblehead, Massachusetts. This is an open mic with featured performers that takes place at the Marblehead Art Association, King Hooper Mansion, on the first Sunday of each month. In December of 2006 the King Hooper celebrated it's sixth year of open mic and featured performers. Angela has developed the musical aspect of WomenIntheArts Festival in Marblehead, Massachusetts. This is a two day festival including all art forms that was organized to raise money for H.A.W.C. help for abused women and children. Angela recruited women performers for this festival, arranged the musical program, and performed in the WomenInTheArts festival. In September '04 Angela Masciale released her second CD, Ancient Voices. This CD has 13 orginal tracks. Half of the songs are a solo performance of Angela, singing and playing guitar. The other songs include very gifted musicians, such as Nathan Blaz on Cello, Adam Zampino on piano and jambe, Raymond Gonzalez on guitar, and Benjamin Roldan on Native American flute, chanting, and percussion. The last song on the CD 'Requium for the Earth', was originally a poem written by her husband, Daniel Zampino. Angela put music to this poem and recorded it with her friend Benjamin Roldan, to bring a stunning musical delivery to her husband's stirring words. The other l2 songs on the CD 'Ancient Voices' are composed by Angela Masciale (words and music). The CD 'Ancient Voices' is my second album, a modern folk compilation of thirteen original songs. The title track, 'Dolphin's Ancient Voices' is a song about the struggle between world unity and the discord of modern existence. Plunging into Dolphin's waters one reconnects to the harmony of the web of life. The Cello becomes the ancient voice of unity and world peace. The first song on the CD, 'Something Will Stick', whistles the voice of a loving father forever encouraging his child to become all that one can be. Whereas, in the song, 'I Can't Go Back', there is an underlining discord between father and mother, which represents the voice of struggle and ambivalence in claiming one's own personal power, to pursue his or her dreams. 'Phantom Limb' gives voice to the victims of 9-11, honoring their burial ground. The ancient voice sings of vulnerability and empowering oneself to go on in the face of adversity. The truth about the modern world we live in, unravels in the song, 'Run Away Freedom Train': the seed of peace, struggling against the violence of war. The last song on the CD, 'Requium for the Earth', tells the story of the creation of the atomic bomb, the ultimate severing of our connection to the web of life. Rooted in Native American myth, the flute becomes the voice of apocalyptic warning. 'Cinderella You're Free', and 'Don't Push Me Through Glass', speak the truth of relationships and family dysfunction, conveying us along the journey of overcoming and metamorphosis. 'Black Widow's Web' and 'She found Love', contrast the pain of unrequited passion with the voice of harmonious love. The theme of communing with nature exists in many of her songs, offset by the hard reality of modern existence. Angela sings about the struggle of the true self desiring to emerge through the currents of modern world violence and destruction. In November of 2008 she release her third CD, 'Take Back the Land'. This is a CD of all original songs composed by Angela Masciale (words and music). The theme of this CD is moving from discord to harmony. She ends the CD with a an Singing Bowl Chant- a healing blend of singing bowl sound vibration and vocal harmonic resonance. Singingsoundharmonis is is i.

1.1 Something Will Stick
1.2 Dolphin's Ancient Voices
1.3 Black Widow's Web
1.4 I Can't Go Back
1.5 Phantom Limb
1.6 Run Away Freedom Train
1.7 She Found Love
1.8 Shake Me Alive
1.9 Don't Push Me Through Glass
1.10 Brown's Island
1.11 Mermaid Tears
1.12 Cinderella You're Free
1.13 Requium for the Earth

Angela Masciale: Ancient Voices

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