Angelina: Marys Way of the Cross

Angelina: Marys Way of the Cross
Title: Marys Way of the Cross
Label: CD Baby

Experience special blessings through the devotion of 'Mary's Way of the Cross'. Angelina narrates this dramatic version of the Stations of the Cross from the perspective of Jesus' mother,and our spiritual mother, Mary. 'Mary's Way of the Cross' enables the listener to enter into an intimate journey of faith through a deep reflection that will unite ones pain and suffering with Jesus on the Cross through the sorrowful heart of Mary. Practical meditations along with music and songs such as 'At the Cross Her Station Keeping'. A Perfect devotional tool for all ages. Special Note: There is a very special story inside the cover of this recording. What took place is exactly what happened. The recording was not altered by the studio whatsoever.

1.1 Love Song (Song)
1.2 Introduction (Spoken)
1.3 Jesus Is Condemned to Die
1.4 Jesus Takes His Cross
1.5 Jesus Falls the First Time
1.6 Jesus Meets His Mother
1.7 Simon Helps Jesus Carry His Cross
1.8 Veronica Wipes the Face of Jesus
1.9 Jesus Falls the Second Time
1.10 Jesus Speaks to the Women
1.11 Jesus Falls the Third Time
1.12 Jesus Is Stipped of His Garments
1.13 Jesus Is Nailed to the Cross
1.14 Jesus Dies on the Cross
1.15 Jesus Is Taken from the Cross
1.16 Jesus Placed in the Tomb
1.17 Jesus Is Raised from the Dead
1.18 Query
1.19 Mary Did You Know? (Song)
1.20 Closing Remarks
1.21 Let It Be (Song)

Angelina: Marys Way of the Cross

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