Angi West & Seth Kauffman: Opportunity Cost

Angi West & Seth Kauffman: Opportunity Cost
Title: Opportunity Cost
Label: CD Baby

'Most of Angi's previous albums are piano-based, so I wanted this one to have minimum piano on it,' Kauffman explains. 'Usually things are more compelling when you're out of your comfort zone.' A creative producer, Kauffman varied his approach, 'She brought in a few songs on harmonium and banjo, so we tried to fully realize those with live, almost field-recording-like takes. This batch of songs was very original and had some cool elements we tried to bring to the forefront; using unique, sometimes bizarre instrumentation and production.' For example, 'I have this weird, 1970's Baldwin Discoverer organ, that cool drum machine beats and Beach House-esque sounds. Most of the songs feature that organ, with her singing and playing live, all on one track.' Overall Kauffman says, 'The album was cut in quite a relaxed, organic nature. Angi usually got songs on their first or second take. I added some overdubs, and she did some of the vocals at Brian Landrum's Synergy Dynamics studio, the whole album took less that a week total.'

1.1 Boot
1.2 Utility
1.3 Condemnation
1.4 Involuntary Conversion
1.5 Aggregate
1.6 Commercial Substance
1.7 Love Has the Last Word
1.8 [Untitled]

Angi West & Seth Kauffman: Opportunity Cost

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