Angie Pryor

Angie Pryor: Hearing Winter

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Artist: Angie Pryor

Artist: Angie Pryor
Title: Hearing Winter

While Angie Pryor's instrumental debut may be called Hearing Winter, this collection of piano-driven compositions is perfect for any season. Simple yet purposeful, these beautiful melodies paint a picture of calm for listeners searching for tranquility in a hustle-and-bustle world. Whether commuting in jam-packed traffic or reclining at home, Hearing Winter is sure to help warm your heart and bring peace to your soul. 'Delightfully relaxing and refreshing!' Luke Gambill Senior Creative Director Brentwood Benson Publishing a div or Universal Music 'Angie Pryor's gorgeous and cinematic music speaks with such a fresh Spirit. Her music reflects a deep sense of longing yet uniquely and simultaneously has such a hopeful wistfulness. She creates melody that carries and comforts the listener with such tenderness to the ears.' Mandy Lawson Celebrity painter/artist Co-Founder of Shero Music

1.1 Hearing Winter
1.2 Silent Night Lullaby
1.3 Eternity Calling
1.4 Hero
1.5 Comfort and Joy
1.6 Putting Away
1.7 Song for Jewel
1.8 Vive Le Vent D'hiver
1.9 Forever Green
1.10 Frost's Bite
1.11 Star of Bethlehem
1.12 Entwined
1.13 Hearing Winter (Reprise)

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