Animal Daydream

Animal Daydream: Easy Pleasures

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Artist: Animal Daydream

Artist: Animal Daydream
Title: Easy Pleasures
Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE

Releasing a record - particularly a 7" - is really trying these days. They're expensive and they take ages before they turn up at your door - so, you have to really like a band and their music to be able to endure the rigors of pressing vinyl. Enter Animal Daydream (of Gothenburg, Sweden) and their wonderfully gentle but grand sound. These four songs that comprise their debut release just swept US off our feet on first listen, and they never get old. Imagine a cross between later period Teenage Fan club, the Zebras (fellow label mates!) and a healthy dose of American '70s soft rock (see if you can spot the Fleetwood Mac nod in the title track!), with layers of jangly guitars, vocal harmonies and assorted vintage keyboards and percussion throughout. Definitely a great way for Jigsaw to start it's 2015! RIYL: Teenage Fan club, the Zebras, 70s soft rock.

1.1 Canyon Rose
1.2 Glass Ships
1.3 Easy Pleasures
1.4 I Knew You Would Come Along Before Fall

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