Anita Jung: River Between: Tranceformational Journey to Awaren

Anita Jung: River Between: Tranceformational Journey to Awaren
Title: River Between: Tranceformational Journey to Awaren
Label: CD Baby

Anita Jung-Rajamani, LPC, DAPA, originally from Europe, is a psychotherapist, workshop facilitator, clinical supervisor, and the author of several therapeutic CDS. Along with renowned world music artist Oliver Rajamani, she has created musical projects that can be used in the privacy of your own home. Her work speaks of gentle mindfulness that directs listeners inward to make desired changes. Rajamani's exotic, deeply felt musical tunes allows listeners to get in touch with inner talents and creativity. Anita Jung-Rajamani is a Diplomate of the American Psychotherapy Association and the President of the Central Texas Society of Clinical Hypnosis. She routinely teaches by invitation to professional audiences in Europe and the United States. Anita is an internationally acclaimed author, lecturer, trainer, and therapist, specializing in Ericksonian hypnosis, Mind-Body approaches, and Brief Therapy. Anita is known for incorporating music and hypnosis into her work. She has published CDs in Europe and in the United States. Her interests encompass the similarities of psychology, philosophy, science and spirituality, the experience of the mystics and their meditation with those of today's science. Oliver Rajamani's music is a sound that is at once foreign and familiar. Drawing upon ancient Eastern traditions, his music resonates in a deep place within it's listeners, while remaining accessible and satisfying to the Western ear.

1.1 Invitation to Take a Journey
1.2 A Visit to the Library
1.3 The Lotus Within (In Tranquil Silence)
1.4 Polka Dot Elephant
1.5 Where Time Stands Still (Enchanted Bavarian Forest)
1.6 The Flawless Clay Pot
1.7 Ampara

Anita Jung: River Between: Tranceformational Journey to Awaren

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